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For more than 10 years I have helped people loose weight and get Healthier.

I am no Doctor but I am the living proof that you can loose 30 kilos from changing your diet, drinking healthier alkaline water and reducing fried foods and soft drinks for kangen water steaming, air fryer (without any fatty oils and additives). Let me help you on this journey. It is not difficult, I have done it. It is a mental choice, a way of life and of thinking.

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We come to your home, we install and test the water for you and your Family to enjoy.

Kangen water is, at the most fundamental level, hydrogen water. Its creator-company, Enagic, produces a machine that takes regular tap water, filters out impurities, and then separates the hydrogen and oxygen in the water, which is called electrolysis. The result is an “alkaline, antioxidant, mineral-rich, pure, safe, and healthy drinking water.”

While these machines are the only ones producing “Kangen water” (because it’s a trademarked term), they’re far from the only alkaline water out there. In fact, there are plenty of brands bottling and selling waters of varying alkaline pHs. So the real question is—are these waters doing anything for us?

Enagic Kangen Water was featured on national TV in the US on LIFETIME TV’S “THE BALANCING ACT.”

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If you wish to have a Enagic Kangen Water Treatment Demo or any other Amazing Life and Amazing Health Products, we can come to the comfort of your home or office. We can also organise a corporate demo at your office or at your next health event. We are always keen to participate in those event and to share our Amazing Life and Amazing Health products.