Sik Yuen

Mauritius Tourism Minister 2010-2014

Entrepreneur, Father and Husband.

Michaël is a member of the Mauritius National Assembly, an experienced international distributor, 6A2, in the health wellness and water quality, a Diamond Director at Jeunesse Global, a member of the Rotary Club of Floreal, an active social worker and politician.  

“Via my research I joined Enagic in 2015, followed by Jeunesse Global in 2018 and launched Amazing Life Ltd in 2020. I managed to lose 45 kilos in just a couple of months by changing my lifestyle, thanks to these epic products from Amazing Life Ltd and Enagic products which I am a Brand Ambassador and Reseller.” 

Jeunesse Global New Diamond Directors ceremony in Rome 2018
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My vision & affiliations

Business, Political & Clubs

Michaël helps people with the very best health and business advises by providing the best health and everyday life products which he imports via his importation company:

Amazing Life Ltd.

I invite you to discover the Amazing Life and Amazing Health Products unique in Mauritius.

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I am a 6A2 international distributor of Enagic:

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I am also a proud member and Diamond Director of:

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social Services

Michaël Sik Yuen is a member of the Rotary Club of Floreal. He is also the ex Mayor of the locality and city of Curepipe. He and his team mates have done countless social actions to everyday life people  for many decades now. Michaël takes pride in helping the people in need and also contributing to the city development in sports and leisure. Together with other political and rotary members they organise several donations each year.

Michaël is an active “Social Donator” and “Concerned Mauritian”.


Politician - Tourism & Leisure Minister 2010-2014

Michaël was trained in Montreal, he was also Mayor of Curepipe, Minister of Business, Cooperatives and Consumer Protection until 2011, then Minister of Tourism until 2014.

In December 2013, he was expelled from the Parti Mauricien Social Démocrate (PMSD). He has set back the party leadership for revoking political nominees. In November 2014, he asserted himself as Sino-Mauritian by presenting his candidacy for the legislative elections of December 2014, to obtain his ticket in constituency n°17, which was the subject of a dispute, without success, by his opponents. The 1968 Constitution officially recognizes four communities in Mauritius: the Hindus, the Muslims, the Sino-Mauritians, and, the most complex category, the General Population (which would regroup the families present on the island before the arrival of the British, or at least families not belonging to other communities). In the previous legislative elections, in 2010, he declared himself to be from the general population.

Michaël Sik Yuen was finally beaten in the legislative elections of December 2014. He has been focusing on his Network Marketing for his several Amazing Life and Health companies, his active social work, rotary meetings and his sons studies and family. 



Michaël comes from a very famous Chinese entrepreneurial family. The Sik Yuen supermarket in the heart of Curepipe is one of the most famous daily shopping  destination for the thousands of residents. Michaël set up his own companies where he imports and resells the Amazing Health and Life savings Products from Kangen Water Generator, Oxygen Concentrator to Amazing Coffee, Immune Boosting, Anti Virus Tea to Solar LED Lighting (Indoor & Outdoors).



Michaël Sik Yuen is a community driven person. His actions speaks louder than words. His past actions in both professional, social and political scene has shown many that he is a strong believer in hard work, ethical business and culture diplomacy. The real political analysts and economists of Mauritius knows his real worth, his past and present contributions. 

"Actions Speaks Louder Than words"

In the Press


What People Say?

I reached out to Michaël then the Tourism Minister on the 1st of January 2012, to my surprise he responded the next day in favour of a meeting the following week. I was able to present him my Travel Guide Santosha Guides and travel projects. Michaël was always attentive and available to who ever reaches out to him. Today, I am building his websites and taking care of his digital marketing needs. An honour to be working with the ex Tourism Minister. I wish him well in his business and political career.
Sebastien Staub
Founder Smart Media Ltd
I have known Michaël for 30 years and he always supported any business persons or family in the need. We have done numerous donation campaigns over the years. Michaël has been a great friend and business mentor for all these years we have forged a great relationship with Curepipe News which he always support and his videos are very popular. Thank you for all your kind words, hard work and all your donations. We look forward to working with your new products at Amazing Life Ltd.
Vicky Beetun
Director at Curepipe News
Mo conne Michaël depuis bien longtemps, li ene dimoune ki bien involve dans travail social. Li toujours ena ene sourire ek so gentillesse ek grand le coeur pena so second kouma li. Li fine toujours la pou nous qui vive dans la misère ek li amène beaucoup la joie. Chaque l'année li donne nous beaucoup cadeaux ek bane vivres pour la Noel. La fin l'année tjrs bien passe a cause so dévouement ek so bane donations pour la population pauvre de Curepipe ek bane diminue ki vivre dans citée.
Habitante Curepipe

a big thank you goes to my wife, my sons, to all my family members for their support, as well as ALL the people I work with, especially the radio stations, jeunesse global, enagic kangen partners and all the amazing life team and suppliers, not forgetting the amazing team at the rotary club of floreal. lastly, a special thank goes to all my sponsors and donors.

Michaël Sik Yuen


Michaël is available on appointments only for any business, social, political and cultural events.


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